A cozy fishing rpg

Sea Sniffers is a cozy fishing RPG in which you explore the ocean with your trusty seal companion. Encounter strange creatures and exotic treasures in sunken ships or hidden caves. Discover the deep sea and all its secrets!

Become a Sea Sniffer

Step into the shoes of Kiwi, a young girl who joins the ranks of Sea Sniffers, adventurous souls who dedicate their lives to exploring the world's vast oceans.

Embark on adventures with your trusty seal, Momi. Meet interesting people, witness amazing sights and discover fascinating creatures along the way.

Sea Sniffing

As a Sea Sniffer, the world is your oyster. You can travel freely and dock your ship wherever you’d like.

Find a good spot and cast your rod! Directly control your seal companion to find out what secrets lie beneath the surface.

Discover creatures

The ocean is brimming with life, and your mission is to document every single creature found within its depths. Catch them with the net, but be prepared for a struggle, they won't be caught without a fight!

Oceanic Life

Experience the sea from a whole new angle by talking with one of the ocean's many inhabitants. Some might share valuable information or clues about a hidden treasure, while others simply enjoy a friendly chat.


Bring your discoveries to the Lumira Sea Lab. The researchers here have an endless desire for information about sea creatures, and what makes them unique. Your findings can work towards nifty upgrades for your boat and even your seal companion.

From the devs

Blastmode has long dreamt of creating a fishing RPG, a vision that dates back to our work on Bob & Dob for GBJAM. With Sea Sniffers, we want the player to be able to go anywhere and fish! Emphasizing exploration and discovery as core elements of the experience.

Who are we anyway? Blastmode is an independent video game studio from the Netherlands, founded in 2019. Our games are known for their bombastic and wild style, always infused with fun and lightheartedness. At Blastmode, we believe in the power of quirkiness and humor: After all, in our universe, even a goose can save the day!


After our previous game, Mighty Goose, I'm sure it was unexpected that Blastmode would be making a cozy vibes game. Don't underestimate our Seal though, it has fists of fury!

Whether it's a game with explosions or serene nature vibes. We'll do our best to wow you. I hope you'll really enjoy Sea Sniffers!


One of my top cozy activities in games is talking to NPC's. I want to hear all their stories!

With Sea Sniffers we'll show you two distinct worlds: Above and below the ocean surface. Enjoy exploring the narratives of all the silly characters we are adding!

Your support means a lot to us. If you can, please spread the word, add the game to your wishlist, and share it with friends. Every bit helps!